Earth Sciences

Earth Sciences

Geology, Geography & Climate, Oceanography

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Earth Sciences at College of the Redwoods is a collection of environmental and natural science courses that engage in the study of our planet. These course fall into four main categories: 

Each course uses an interdisciplinary approach to explore Earth systems and how our environment changes through time. Students taking these courses have an opportunity to learn about rocks, minerals, fossils, earth resources, landforms, oceans, weather, and the dynamic climate.

Transfer Opportunities

Earth Sciences courses can be taken to fulfill the requirements for an Associate of Science in Geology degree, or a more general liberal arts science degree. For the full list of CSUs accepting the geology transfer degree, check out

Students taking courses in geography, environmental science, or oceanography can also apply their courses toward four year degrees in these areas upon transfer to a 4-year college. Additionally, College of the Redwoods offers lower division courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics that are required for four year science degrees in earth science disciplines.

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