“Distance education courses, resources, and materials must be designed and delivered in such a way that the level of communication and course-taking experience is the same for students with or without disabilities.” ( Disance Education Accessibility Guidelines California Community Colleges Chancellor's office)

For a good general overview of accessibility issues in online teaching visit the
Foothill College Accessibility resources page

For a quick list of issues to look for in your course check out the Faculty Accessibility Checklist    

Get your videos captioned

There are several ways you can get your videos captioned but perhaps the easiest is to use the 3C Media Solutions. You can get grant-funded captioning services from them with LESS paperwork! This service is only available for instructional use and videos that have been uploaded to a 3C Media account. This service is paid for through the DECT grant, and is only available as long as the funding lasts.

Get started with 3C Media

Captioning and transcription for DE class materials (videos, etc.) is also available directly through the DECT grant.  Please contact your Instructional Technologist to discuss your project and the best workflow for captioning/transcribing your specific materials. 

 General Accessibility

Creating Accessible Documents