Preparing to Offer an Online Section

Learn more about online courses

  • Talk with colleagues who have experience teaching online/hybrid courses
  • Visit and observe an online/hybrid course in the role of a student
  • Tour these examples of online courses:

Hybrid vs Online

From the California Code of Regulations (CCR) title 5, section 55210 (Overall Distance Education regulations and guidelines) (pdf)

  • Distance education courses are defined as courses with 51% or more of instruction that is conducted online.
  • Hybrid is not specifically defined in the regulations and guidelines but is implicitly defined as being between 1% and <51%
  • Web-enhanced Course: An onsite class that requires online access to resources such as an online syllabus, discussion boards, or Internet links (Note: If ANY onsite time is replaced by online time then the course cannot be in this category)
  • Hybrid Course: A course that meets both onsite and online
  • Online class: A class which meets 100% of the time online with no onsite class time required

Regular and effective contact with students

“Ensuring Regular Effective Instructor/Student Contact guarantees that the student in an online or hybrid course receives the benefit of the instructor’s presence in the learning environment both as a provider of instructional information and as a facilitator of student learning.”

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