Comments and complaints

If you have a problem relating to an online or distance education class, whether it's with accessing the class content with technology, consistent with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, or with some other aspect of the course, the first step is to let us know about it. 

The "Contact Us" box at the bottom of this screen will send a message to the Director of the DE program.  If the problem concerns accessibility we'll answer you as quickly as possible.  If the problem concerns something about the class itself, or a more general distance education matter, it will be forwarded to the appropriate academic Dean or CR manager  and they will contact you directly.  

For complaints or issues that cannot be handled informally, you may choose to lodge a formal complaint.  The College of the Redwoods complaint process is summarized on the Student Complaint Process web page. If the complaint involves unlawful discrimination, or if you are requesting a grade change, you will also need to review those policies on the Student Complaint Process page.

Out of State Students

Online students who are taking classes and who reside outside California may also contact the appropriate agency in their state of legal residence.  Contact information is available in the following document:   Out of State Student Complaint Contacts.

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