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Tuition & Enrollment Fee:

Tuition and Enrollment Fees are assigned according to a student's residency status and enrollment type. College of the Redwoods determines residency status and enrollment type upon receipt of the Admissions Application.

California Residents:               $46 per unit

Non-California Residents:     $312 per unit

Oregon Exchange Students:  $119 per unit

International Students:         $312 per unit

High School Students:               $0 per unit

Audit Fee*:                                 $15 per unit

*The Audit Fee is reserved for students requesting to audit a class in which no grade is issued.


Student Services Fee:

The Student Services Fee includes the Health Fee, Activity Fee, and Technology Fee and are charged each semester that a student enrolls in coursework.   

A student may request to waive the optional Activity Fee and/or the Technology Fee by submitting the Request to Waive Optional Fees to the Cashier prior to the start of the semester. If a student waives the Activity Fee, they are not permitted to join or participate in any student clubs.   

A student may request to waive the Health Fee if that student depends exclusively upon prayer for healing in accordance with the teachings of a bona fide religious sect, denomination, or organization by submitting a signed affidavit to the Cashier prior to the start of the semester.

Health Fee:           $20 per semester - Fall/Spring ($17 Summer)  Eureka & Online

                              $7 per Semester - Fall/Spring/Summer             Del Norte & Klamath-Trinity

ASCR Fees:           $12 per semester - Fall/Spring/Summer            All Campuses

Technology Fee:    $10 per semester - Fall/Spring/Summer           All Campuses


Instructional Materials Fee:

  • Certain courses have an associated Instructional Materials Fee because some of the required materials are provided to the student. The fee varies depending on the course. 


Parking Fee:

Parking on the Eureka campus is by permit only. Parking at all other instructional locations is currently free.Parking enforcement is handled through the Public Safety Department.

Daily Permits can be purchased at one of the kiosks located throughout the parking lots at the Eureka campus.

Semester, Annual and Summer Session Permits can be purchased online through Note, students are required to use their Email address when purchasing a parking permit. 

                          Automobile/Truck*:     Motorcycles:

Annual                        $73.00                     $37.00     

One Semester             $46.00                     $23.00

Summer Session         $17.00                     $10.00

One-Day                       $2.00                       $2.00  

Replacement Permits:   $7.00  

*If an Automobile/Truck Permit is purchased, and a motorcycle is the individual's second vehicle, a second permit will be issued at no additional charge.


Official Transcripts Fee:

  • Official transcripts can be ordered via WebAdvisor or through the Transcript Ordering Service. The first two transcript requests are free. Each additional transcript request is $8.00.
  • "Rush" transcript requests are $15.00 and are processed and mailed within 48 hours of receipt of payment.


Payment Options:

  • Students can make payments online via their WebAdvisor account. Payments can be made in full or payments can be deducted monthly by entering into the NBS Payment Plan.


Financial Aid Programs & Services:

  • Students may use their financial aid awards to help pay for the costs of attending College of the Redwoods. Eligibility criteria vary depending on the type of award.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to Apply for Financial Aid
  • For more in formation, view the Types of Financial Aid available to students at College of the Redwoods.


Consequences of Non-payment:

  • Students risk being dropped from their courses due to non-payment prior to the start of the Fall and Spring Semesters. For additional information, please see our Drop for Non-payment webpage.
  • Students with unpaid debt to College of the Redwoods are prohibited from receiving or sending official transcripts, Degrees or certificates will not be awarded, grades will not be released, and registration will not be processed. 
  • Student accounts with unpaid debt to College of the Redwoods become delinquent after 120 days and are subject to the account collections process.



  • Tuition and Enrollment Fees will only be refunded if the student drops the full-semester length class by the Friday of the end of the second week of the Fall or Spring Semester. Refund deadlines for summer classes vary by class length. The Student Services Fee will not be refunded after the semester begins.
  • Students must request their refund from the Cashier's Office at (707) 476-4126.
  • A refund processing fee of $10.00 may be deducted before the refund is issued.

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