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Using Microsoft Access with Your Datatel Data (Business Services)

Event date: 5/9/2018 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM Export event

Published on 3/19/2018.

Using MS Access with Your Datatel Data

9:30am-12:30pm, May 9, 2018

FM 112

The purpose of this mini-course is to help Business Services users learn how to use MS Access to view and report their Datatel data. We will build lots and lots of queries! And maybe learn a little database theory along the way.

The three-hour session will include:

  1. Tables, Records, and Fields (oh my)
  2. Simple queries using a single table
  3. Adding a prompt to your query (what is really happening under the hood when we do this)
  4. Joining multiple tables to form a query
  5. Using saved queries as data for new queries
  6. Queries that make new tables (discuss local tables vs linked or global tables)
  7. Discussion – When to use saved queries vs when to create and use new tables
  8. Queries that append records to existing tables
  9. Queries to update data in existing tables –  What’s the point of record pointers (keys)?
  10. Putting formulas in your queries
  11. Adding linked or global tables to your database (Where is the data I need?!)
  12. Creating macros to run a group of queries in succession
  13. Any extra time, I will help you create your own queries.

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