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 Dave Bazard, Dean

 Cindy Anderson


SC 109

About Physics

Physics is the study of the fundamental processes of nature, including motion, light, heat, and matter. Physics employs theoretical models involving force, momentum,energy, fields, waves, and particles to describe nature and through mathematics formulate precisely testable,quantitative predictions. Physics is an experimental science where all theories are subject to independently repeated, quantitative verification based on data from carefully designed experiments.The associate in science in physics for transfer degree provides a student with the general introductory requirements for transferring to a CSU or other four-year school to earn a degree in physics, applied physics, or astronomy. As well,this degree is a good fit for students intending to pursueengineering. This program includes twelve units of physicscourse work and three semesters of calculus. For studentsintending to pursue astronomy it is highly recommended to select a course in astronomy as the elective for this degree.