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Kimberly Sweet
Executive Assistant to the President



1.   Maintain Fiscal Stability

  • Continue working with EdMAC, and Mendocino College to complete transfer of territory from CR to MC.
  • Implement initiatives including distance education and alternative delivery methods that support increased enrollment over 2015-16 levels in 2016-17.
  • Submit an on-time balanced budget to the Board of Trustees and the Chancellor’s Office.
  • Increase the fund reserve by .5% in 2016-17.
  • Continue developing strategies that increase the District’s visibility, provide consistent messaging, enhance the District’s reputation, and help to increase enrollment.
  • Continue reviewing the organizational structure for effectiveness and efficiency considering the budget circumstances, the 50% law, and the College mission.
  • Continue reviewing academic programs for relevancy and possible suspension, revitalization or discontinuance.
  • Review the efficacy of the Garberville Instructional and identify potential future options. 

2.   Maintain Accreditation

  • Continue working with Cabinet and the IEC to improve alignment of institutional planning.
  • Meet or exceed ACCJC accreditation standards by providing leadership/oversight with Executive Cabinet, Expanded Cabinet, Academic Senate, and the Institutional Effectiveness Committee.
  • Ensure successful submissions of the 2017 Self-Study and Substantive Change proposals to the ACCJC. 
  • Continue revising Board policies and Administrative procedures that will become outdated in 2016-17.
  • Continue enhancing the professional development program for all constituents.

3.   Maintain Strong Relationships with Constituency Groups and the Board of Trustees

  • Continue keeping constituents informed about issues affecting the College via President’s Blog, email, and meeting with constituent group leadership on a monthly basis.
  • Continue promoting increased morale, trust and mutual respect through consistent open and honest communication, inclusion and engagement.
  • Continue ensuring that board members are informed and up-to-date on college related issues.
  • Continue efforts to implement strategies that promote diversity and inclusion in hiring.

4.   Build and Maintain Community Relations

  • Maintain relationships with local K-12 superintendents as and principals and encourage faculty to visit high schools and middle schools as well as HSU.
  • Work with the Executive Director of College Advancement to develop a community group outreach plan.
  • Explore a partnership with the Director of St. Joseph’s Hospital to support the CR nursing program.

5.   Student Success/Access

  • Continue ensuring that the Annual Plan includes initiatives to improve student access, success, diversity and equity.
  • Continue institutionalizing best practices that have proven effective in addressing student access, success and diversity.
  • Complete the revision of the Education Master Plan following input from the college and external stakeholders.

6.   Foundation

  • Develop and implement a short and long term foundation plan with all Foundation members.
  • Implement an alumni database.