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Scholarships - FAQ

Frequently asked questions by students and other members of the CR community, regarding the scholarship application process. 


Where can I get the CR scholarship application? 

The application is available to current CR students only by visiting the 'Apply Here' link on our website or by clicking here.  You will setup an account through CR's AcademicWorks site before you can start the application. 

For instructions on how to setup an account, please visit the 'Creating Your Scholarship Account' page on our website or click here.  Only current CR students can apply to our scholarships.  

The 2018-19 scholarship application period has closed. The 2019-20 scholarship application period will open in August 2019.


Where can I find a list of what scholarships are available? 

College of the Redwoods Scholarship Listings - All campuses



How do I apply for scholarships that require Financial Need? 

Financial Need is determined by completing the FAFSA at Please allow 8-12 weeks for processing.  For further information on how to complete your FAFSA, please contact our Financial Aid Office at (707) 476-4182 or


Can I apply for more than one CR scholarship? 

The best part of our scholarship application is that one application qualifies you for all CR scholarships!  You only need to complete your application once every academic year.  You will be considered for multiple Fall and Spring scholarships through a single application.  

If you apply during the Fall application period, you will be considered for Fall and Spring scholarships of the current academic year.  If you apply during the Spring application period, you will be considered for Spring scholarships only during the current academic year.  


Are the scholarships awarded during the current academic year or the next academic year?

All scholarships at College of the Redwoods are awarded during the current academic year.  For example, if you are applying for a scholarship in the Fall 2018 semester, you will receive the scholarship during the Fall 2018 semester.  The same rule applies for the Spring semester.  You cannot apply one academic year in advance for a scholarship at CR.  You must apply for a scholarship during the current academic year.  

Do I need to re-apply for CR scholarships every year?

Yes.  You will need to re-apply for CR scholarships every academic year.  We clear the system of scholarship applications every summer to get ready for the Fall and Spring scholarship cycle.  If you applied the previous year for a scholarship, you will need to re-apply again during each academic year.  

You do not need to re-apply for scholarships each semester.  If you applied for a scholarship in the Fall, we will roll your application into the Spring application pool and consider you for all Spring scholarships. 


If I am a high school senior planning to attend CR, can I apply for CR scholarships in advance?

Not yet.  All CR scholarships are for currently enrolled CR students.  That is those students who are enrolled in classes for the current academic year.  While still in high school, you will not be eligible for any CR scholarships because you are not enrolled in classes here yet.  

If I am taking a Community Education course at CR, can I apply for CR scholarships?

Unfortunately, no.  Community Education courses are not-for-credit courses, which means students do not receive college credits for taking these classes.  All CR scholarships are for degree-seeking students taking college credit courses.   


What will my application be judged on?

  • Personal Essay Questions
  • Financial Need
  • Educational Goals
  • Community Service
  • Academics
  • Grammar


When is the deadline for scholarships? 

The deadline for Fall 2018 scholarships was October 17, 2018.  The application opened to all students on September 17, 2018. 

Students can apply now for Spring scholarships.  Students who didn't get the chance to apply for scholarships in the Fall, have an opportunity to do so for the Spring.  The Spring scholarship application deadline is February 28, 2019.  


When will I be notified if I have received a scholarship or not? 

All applicants will be notified by email if they have received a scholarship or not through their scholarship account in AcademicWorks.  The dates below are when you should expect a notification via your CR student email:

Fall Scholarship Applicants - notifications will go out in November
Spring Scholarship Applicants - notifications will go out in April


How many scholarships does CR offer?

We have 100+ scholarship we award to students every year.  Award amounts vary from year to year, but most of our scholarships are awarded between $100 - $2,500.  We typically award over $120,000 worth of scholarships to CR students every year. 


How will I receive my scholarship, if I am selected as a recipient?  

You will receive your scholarship via your BankMobile account.  We automatically setup the scholarship funds to be distributed through BankMobile.  If you have questions about receiving your funds, please contact the Business Office at (707) 476-4120 or contact the Financial Aid Office at (707) 476-4182. 

We no longer award scholarship funds via check.