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 Dave Bazard, Dean

 Cindy Anderson


SC 109

About Science

Are You Interested in a Career in Science? Fisheries Biologist? Molecular Biologist? Oceanographer? Physician? Environmental Consultant?  High School Science Teacher? Forensic Scientist? Volcanologist?Endangered Species Botanist?

Did you know . . . 

  • Fields as different as botany, physics, environmental science, and science education share a common set of Science Transfer Prep courses in Math, Physics, and Chemistry.
  • CR students who have completed our Science Transfer Prep are commonly among the highest-achieving students enrolled at transfer universities, including University of California and California State University.

We offer —

  • Entry level courses to match your current skill level.
  • Pathways to the required Science Transfer Prep courses.
  • Science Transfer Prep courses necessary for transfer as a junior.
  • Advising by counselors and faculty to help you meet your career goals.