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Montel VanderHorck III
Cooperative Work Experience Coordinator
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Kerry Mayer, CTE Dean
Career and Technical Education Division
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What is CWEE?

The Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) Program strengthens student learning by engaging students of all majors in supervised on-the-job internships, paid or un-paid. Learning takes place in the public or private sector through student employment, internships and/or volunteer work. Students are supervised by faculty members and work supervisors.

Faculty Member Responsibilities

At the beginning of the semester, the supervising faculty member supports the student's success by developing and monitoring learning objectives with the student, which are later presented to work supervisor for approval. Learning objectives specifically describe what it is that the student intends to accomplish that semester at the job site based upon the needs of the work site.

During the semester, the faculty member meets at least once with the work supervisor at the job site to discuss student learning objectives and job performance.

At the end of the semester, the faculty member completes a 1-page evaluation of the CWEE program/CWEE Coordinator and meets with the student to review evaluations and confirm hours met.

Getting Started

In order for a student to officially enroll in CWEE, faculty members need to read the CWEE syllabus below, sign the student's copy of the contract and create learning objectives with the student. All of the forms required are included in the syllabi. 

CE 41 is for students working in a job not related to educational goal/major and is for career exploration. 

View CE 41 (General) Syllabus 

CE 42 is for students working in a job related to educational goal/major and supervised by a faculty member in a closely related discipline. 

View CE 42 (Occupational) Syllabus