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Update Following the December 11, 2018 Board of Trustees Meeting

Here's a summary of the December 11, 2018 quarterly meeting of the Audit Committee as well as the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees.

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Our newly established Student Outreach Team

  • 25 September 2015
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Our newly established Student Outreach Team

Our newly established Student Outreach Team, comprised of Lupita Martinez (Student Services Specialist from Counseling and Advising), Morgan Thompson (Student Services Specialist from Admissions and Financial Aid) and Jordan Walsh (Scholarship Coordinator) along with Marla Gleave (Dean of Career and Technical Education), Kevin Benjamin (EOPS) and Angela Stewart (Counseling) attended the 32nd Annual Humboldt College and Career Night at Eureka High School on September 23.  Nearly 1000 local high school students ranging from freshman to seniors showed up to gather information from 40+ colleges and participate in college planning workshops.

The Student Outreach Team actively engaged students in a very creative and unique way. Morgan built a Wheel of the Redwoods  that students could spin to select a category or CR Department.  Students were then asked questions about the certain department or category they landed on. All answers to the questions were included in the literature provided, so it was an informational scavenger hunt for the students. Students won a prize if they answered the question correctly. Some questions were simple, such as “What is the name of the Scholarship Coordinator?” Answer: Jordan Walsh, who was in attendance with her name tag and title on. Some questions where more difficult: “Name two services provided by EOPS.”  This gave the students an opportunity to really read the materials provided instead of just throwing the handouts in a bag to be viewed later or thrown out.  It was a fun and engaging activity, which had students reading and learning the materials in front of them.  MANY students returned just to spin the wheel and be quizzed.

Keep an eye on this Outreach team, they are doing great things and their hard work is appreciated!

A webpage is in development, so stay tuned.

Future Outreach events:

Latino – Net on 10/18 from 12-4 @ Redwoods Acres Fairgrounds

American Indian College Day 11/5 from 9–2 @ HSU

Counselor Day 11/6 from 8–1 @ on Eureka Campus




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