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Update Following the March 5, 2019 Board of Trustees Meeting

Here's a brief summary of the March 5, 2019 Board of Trustees meeting in case you were not able to attend in-person or follow along via Youtube.

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CR and Greenway Partners Collaborate on Land Use Ideas for Vacant Buildings

We entered into an agreement with Greenway Partners concerning the repurposing the Eureka Campus' Life Science and Physical Science buildings on the Eureka campus.

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St. Joseph Hospital Donated $2 Million to HSU's New BSN Program

Senator Mike McGuire held a press conference yesterday to announce that Humboldt State University is bringing back its nursing program and St. Joseph Hospital committed a $2 million grant to help implement and sustain the new partnership between the College of the Redwoods and HSU.

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Healthy Workplace Challenge

  • 28 October 2015
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One of the focuses this year is healthy workplace.

The President’s office is conducting a 45 day challenge. We are challenging all CR faculty and staff to complete 6 of the 10 tasks below by December 11th.

1.       Get to know a fellow co-worker

2.       Take a break, get some fresh air and walk our beautiful campuses

3.       When attending a meeting bring an agenda with your prepared notes

4.       Thank someone for all their hard work

5.       Attend an afterhours CR event….Veterans Appreciation, Sports Game

6.       Say hello to students as you walk across campus

7.       Attend a meeting that isn’t on our calendar

8.       Go off line for one day. Don’t answer emails, cellphone and don’t Facebook

9.       Offer to walk across campus with or for someone

10.   Submit a picture for the President’s Instagram - @crpresidentsoffice for those that are not already followers

Post your comments on this article, we want to hear how it’s going and what you experienced.
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