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Update Following the January 8, 2019 Board of Trustees Meeting

Here's a brief summary of the January 8, 2019 regular meeting of the Board of Trustees.

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Update Following the January 19, 2019 Board of Trustees Workshop

I want to share a brief summary of the the Board's January 19, 2019 workshop.

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President/Superintendent's Blog

Update Following July 11, 2017 Board of Trustees Meeting

Approve revising the Location of the October and November Board Meetings.

The Board approved moving its November meeting to Klamath Trinity. The October Board meeting is now scheduled to be held on the Eureka campus.

Personnel Actions

The Board approved Corrinne Volta as the new Nursing faculty member for Eureka. The Trustees also approved the employment of Stephanie Burres as the Administrative Assistant for the Vice President of Instruction and Student Development, Cindi Petrusha as the new Executive Assistant in the Office of the President, Ericka Barber as the Accounting Manager in the Business Office, Julia Morrison as the District’s new Controller, Jennifer Lee as an ECE Assistant I in the Child Development Center, and Gloria Lindberg as a Student Services Specialist I in Community Education.   Approval was given to change the employee status of Heidi Bareilles to the Assistant Director of EOPS, Jennifer Burlison to Assistant Professor Counseling (EOPS), Tamara Wolski to Director of Adult Education, and Lindsey Gaddis to Budget and Accounting Analyst.

The Board also approved the appointments of several associate faculty: Patrick “Guy” Adams, Mathematics– Eureka, Clyde Carrick, History – Eureka, Robert Child, Biological Sciences – Eureka, Pam Holten, Interdisciplinary Basic Skills:  Noncredit – Eureka, Heather Quigley, Psychology – Eureka, Dominic Ratto, Athletic Training – Eureka, Nicola Walters, Political Science – Klamath Trinity, Emily Wright, Earth Sciences – Eureka, Richard Wright, Biological Sciences – Eureka, and Kevin Yokoyama, Mathematics – Del Norte.

Approve/Ratify Contracts, Agreements, MOUs

Several contracts were approved including the agreement with I4 Process to conduct a workflow analysis of the business office processes and provide professional development training of the business office staff.  This was one of the recommendations from the FCMAT report. The contract for Steven Childs to complete an appraisal of our Garberville site was also approved.

Review Institution Self-Evaluation Report

The Trustees conducted a final review of the ISER.  The District owes the several people who participated in getting our ISER together a great big THANK YOU.  I’d like to recognize Dr. Angelina Hill, Dr. Peter Blakemore, Dr. George Potamianos, and the members of the Accreditation Oversight Committee for their efforts and leadership of the self-evaluation process.  The ISER clearly shows how far we’ve come as a college community.

The final ISER should be available on the accreditation page now.  I hope that you take the time to read it.  In reading the ISER you’ll see that we’re doing quite well in several areas.  The report also identifies a few areas that we think warrant additional work and improvement.  I want to share an excerpt from the Changes and Plans Arising out of the Self-Evaluation Process section of the ISER that summarizes how the accreditation process has affected us.

Over the last couple of years, the College benefitted greatly from the process of compiling the self-study report.  At a basic level, it is not common for so many groups of people from such disparate parts of the College to reflect upon how the institution functions, the value of its internal processes, the efficacy of its decision-making procedures, and how effective it is, overall, in meeting the exacting Standards of the Commission and Eligibility Requirements.

Approval of the Education and Facilities Master Plans

The Board had a very robust and healthy discussion about the Education and Facilities Master Plans. The Trustees understand that these plans, coupled with our mission and strategic vision statements, provide a roadmap for us as we work together to move the college forward. In approving the plans, the Trustees called on the administration to provide greater detail on our short and long term enrollment strategy. 

I will work with the Executive Cabinet and Enrollment Management and Budget Planning Committees to produce an enrollment management plan that will provide a foundation for fiscal stability and help us generate sustainable enrollment growth.

The Board also discussed the condition of our residence halls and the possibility of looking for additional funds to renovate our dorms. This is welcome news! Lee and I are going to look at potential certificate of participation (COP) funds as a way to finance the renovation.

Approve 2017-18 President/Superintendent Goals

The Board approved my vision and goals for next year. I am concentrating my priorities on six broad areas: ensuring fiscal stability; generating sustainable enrollment growth; making the most of our human resources potential; enhancing access, retention and inclusion; investing in our academic core mission; and strengthening my relationship with internal constituent leadership. The intent in presenting my vision and goals in a public setting is to openly share what’s expected of me for the upcoming year.  My goals are posted on the President's webpage.

Informational Reports

Wendy Jones discussed the Child Development Center Report with the Board. The Trustees expressed their appreciation for the report and thanked Wendy and her staff for their work. Kerry Mayer took her seat at the Board table as the new Academic Senate representative. 


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