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Additional information concerning the gunshot on June 27, 2019

It is important for the college community to have additional information following my June 27, 2019 update. 

On June 27, 2019 at approximately 2:30 p.m., campus public safety received a report of a sound that could have been a gunshot in the dorms.  With this limited information, Burk McBride, Director of Public Safety, and Jordan Hamill, Director of Residential Life, immediately ran from the Student Services Building to the dorm room in question.   McBride and Hamill confronted an unarmed male resident who claimed the sound came from his microwave.  Joe Hash, Vice President of Student Development, arrived seconds later.    Further investigation revealed a .22 caliber handgun in the room along with evidence that the gun had been discharged into the ground.  The scene was secured and law enforcement responded.   I provided the campus with an email update the same day.

At no time during the development of this incident was there an “active shooter” scenario or any information indicating an ongoing threat.  

I would like to recognize and thank the immediate and selfless actions of McBride, Hamill, and Hash in running toward an unknown and developing situation to ensure the safety of our students and campus community.   Within approximately one minute of receiving the initial report, there were three administrative staff were on the scene assessing the scene and investigating the incident.  Creating and maintaining a safe learning environment for our students, staff, and faculty is a top priority for the District, and the Board of Trustees and Administration take this responsibility and incidents like this very seriously.

This is a good time to remind the college community of the methods of communication available when a confirmed immediate ongoing threat occurs on campus.  These emergency notifications include website updates, the Rave Mobile Safety text messaging system (register at, campus intercom system, group emails to students and staff, and Public Safety Patrol Car announcements.  Such methods of notification will only be used when there is a confirmed threat. 

I ask that if anyone witnessnesses or becomes aware of an emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health and safety of students or employees on campus, please inform Public Safety.


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