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Summary of August 24, 2019 Board of Trustees Workshop

The four August 24, 2019 Board Workshop topics focused on Board leadership and effectiveness.

Frequency and Content of Board Retreats. The Trustees discussed whether to increase the number of workshop days, expand the hours of the workshops and what topics to include in future workshop agendas. President of the Board Emad asked me to gather potential workshop ideas from the Trustees for discussion at the November Board meeting.

Board Self-Evaluation Review. The Board discussed the results of their self-evaluation.

Board Goals and Objectives. The Board's Self-Evaluation Ad Hoc Committee led a very robust discussion of their draft 2019-20 goals. The Trustees agreed to send a revised set of draft goals to the September or October Board meeting for approval. They directed me to revise AP 2220 to memorialize the creation of an Advocacy Ad Hoc Committee.

The goals will focus on the addressing the categories of funding in the student success funding formula, making progress in student equity outcomes, supporting faculty and staff diversity hiring, ensuring fiscal responsibility, continuing to support the infusion of interest based approach in problem solving and collective bargaining, supporting a culture of inquiry, supporting all accreditation efforts, planning for the future of the District, continuing to support Trustee professional development and supporting the CR Foundation in meeting its goals.

Discussion and Appointment of Student Success Ad Hoc Committee. The Trustees discussed the pros and cons of creating an ad hoc committee focused on student success. They agreed that the ad hoc committee could help move the District forward in terms of meeting student success targets and improving student achievement. They also agreed that the ad hoc committee will focus on policy and not on operations. President of the Board Emad directed me to revise AP 2220 to reflect the creation of a Student Success Ad Hoc Committee.


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