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The Times-Standard posted my letter to the editor in their October 15, 2019 issue thanking staff for their work during the recent power shutdown.  I want to share the letter with you in this blog article (see below).

CR president thanks staff for work during shutdown

This letter is to extend my thanks to the staff who responded to the PG&E power shutdown at our facilities last week.

College of the Redwoods, similar to its neighbors in Humboldt County, was effected by PG&E’s power shutoff. I want to publically thank and recognize my wonderful colleagues who responded to the event. Listed below are some of the CR staff who enabled us to successfully respond to the needs of our students and safeguard our facilities: Fred Flores, Joe Hash, Angelina Hill, Julia Morrison, Molly Blakemore, Paul Chown, Steven McKenzie, Jordan Hamill, Burk McBride, Alia Dunphy, Ericka Barber, Bob Brown, Anthony Finck, Ashley Mitchell, Kevin Crotty, Ernest Shull, Max Capps, Dan O’Connell, Charles Reed, John Walsh, Jim Carr, Steven Garcia, Rodney Bethune, Mark Sigsworth, Angela Campbell, Tyler Hines, and Tino Romero. Without their support and commitment, we would not have been able to meet the college community or student needs.

Many of our response elements were tested during the power shutoff event including: command structure, mass notification of staff and students, logistics, and use of our electronic data management system. We also identified many strengths in our response efforts. We are using this past event as a teaching moment and will incorporate the several areas identified for improvement into a revised response plan.

I am very proud to serve as president of College of the Redwoods and to work beside such wonderful committed colleagues.



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