South Fork High School

Eligible Courses

High School Course Teacher Expires CR Course Professor
Introduction to Business Aletta Sauer 11/2015 BUS 10 - Introduction to Business Chris Gaines
Accounting 1, 2 Aletta Sauer 11/2015 BUS 180 - Introduction to Bookkeeping Chris Gaines
Culinary Arts Roberta Tritchler 11/2015 RHM 17 - Sanitation Leigh Blakemore
Computer Literacy Aletta Sauer 11/2015 CIS 1 - College Computer Literacy Dan Calderwood
Entrepreneurship Aletta Sauer 11/2015 BUS 69 - Small Business Entrepreneurship Michael Dennis

Career Pathways - Programs of Study*


Business Office Technology

Computer Information Systems

Digital Media

Restaurant & Hospitality Management


*Degree programs that do not show a link to a program of study have not been created. Your school can develop programs of study for those areas or for a program that is not listed by contacting the College of the Redwoods Tech Prep Coordinator.

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