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Spring 2014

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Course/SectionSynonymTitleCreditsInstructorDaysTimesRoomStart-End Dates
AG-63-M5435035435Intro Organic/Sustainable AG2.0T SholarsT 1:00PM- 3:05PMMM120
AG-64S-M5436035436Sustainable Ag. Lab (Spring)1.0T SholarsTH 1:00PM- 4:10PMMM120
ART-14-M5573035573Gallery Exhbn/Portfolio Dev3.0S LussierTTH 6:00PM- 9:10PMMA207
ART-18-M5428035428Intermediate Drawing3.0A BeckMW 9:00AM-12:10PMMA204
ART-23-M5429035429Painting3.0A BeckMW 1:30PM- 4:40PMMA204
ART-31A-M5430035430Intro to Ceramics3.0J ThompsonTTH 1:00PM- 4:10PMMA207
Additional fee: $50 plus the purchase of additional art supplies. No textbook is required for this course.
ART-59-M5694035694Ceramics Lab1.0J ThompsonTH 1:00PM- 4:10PMMA207
BIOL-17-M5438035438Trees, Shrubs, Wildflws, Fern3.0T SholarsM 9:30AM-11:35AMMM120
M12:00PM- 3:10PMMM120
BIOL-19-M5439035439Rare Plants: Species/Spcl Cncn2.0T SholarsW12:30PM- 4:45PMMM12003/26/14-05/14/14
BIOL-20-M5433035433Natural History4.0T SholarsF 9:00AM-12:10PMMM120
F12:30PM- 3:40PMMM120
BIOL-40-M5629035629Independent Study in Biology2.0T SholarsDHR MM120
108 hours are required.
BIOL-7-M5437035437Human Physiology4.0D FlaimMW 5:00PM- 8:10PMMM122
ECE-7-M5442035442Intro to Early Childhood Curr3.0C LeachTH 6:00PM- 8:05PMMA204
54 additional contact hours of field experience, at an approved site, are required.
54 additional contact hours of field experience, at an approved site, are required.
ENGL-150-M5412035412Precollegiate Reading/Writing3.5J SolomonMW 3:30PM- 5:45PMMM112
ENGL-1A-M5413035413Analytical Reading & Writing4.0K BrownTTH 6:00PM- 8:05PMMM111
ENGL-1B-M5414035414Critical Inquiry & Literature3.0K BrownTTH 3:00PM- 4:25PMMM111
ENGL-52-M5415035415English Lab Practicum0.5K BrownDHR
27 hours are required for this course.
ENGL-52-M5416035416English Lab Practicum1.0J SolomonDHR
54 hours are required for this course.
ENGL-9-M5432035432World Lit: II3.0J SolomonTTH 4:30PM- 5:55PMMM114
ENVSC-40-M5634035634Ind Study/Environmental Sci2.0T SholarsDHR
108 hours required.
GS-6-M5443035443First Year Experience3.0D DominguezMW10:30AM-11:55AMMM112
HIST-9-M5423035423US History Reconstr - Present3.0T GreenM 6:00PM- 9:10PMMM111
MATH-120-M5419035419Intermediate Algebra4.0R RiesTTH12:45PM- 2:50PMMM114
Graphing calculator required, TI-83 or TI-84 recommended. For textbook information, see: http://msenux.redwoods.edu/mathdept/courses/math120.php. Concurrent enrollment in MATH120L Math Lab is strongly recommended.
MATH-120L-M5615035615Math Lab for Intermed Algebra0.5R RiesDHR MM104
22.5 hours required. CRMC Math Lab
MATH-15-M5420035420Elementary Statistics4.0R RiesTTH 8:45AM-10:50AMMM114
Texas Instruments TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator required. ENGL-150 is recommended preparation. Concurrent enrollment in MATH52 Math Lab is recommended.
MATH-25-M5584035584College Trigonometry4.0R RiesMW 6:00PM- 8:05PMMM114
MATH-376-M5417035417Pre-Algebra4.0D DominguezMWF 9:00AM-10:15AMMM114
Scientific calculator required. For textbook information, see: http://msenux.redwoods.edu/mathdept/courses/math376.php. Concurrent enrollment in MATH-376L Math Lab is strongly recommended.
MATH-376L-M5614035614Math Lab for Pre-Algebra0.5R RiesDHR MM104
22.5 hours required. CRMC Math Lab
MATH-380-M5418035418Elementary Algebra5.0D DominguezMWF 1:30PM- 3:05PMMM114
MATH-380L-M5613035613Math Lab for Elem Algebra0.5R RiesDHR MM104
22.5 hours required. CRMC Math Lab
MATH-52-M5616035616Math Lab for Transfer Level0.5R RiesDHR
22.5 hours required. Students in Math 52 should be enrolled in at least one transfer-level mathematics course (e.g., Math 30). CRMC Math Lab
NAS-1-M5424035424Intro to Native Amer Studies3.0T GreenMW10:30AM-11:55AMMM111
PHYSC-10-M5572035572Intro to Physical Science3.0M GradyMW12:00PM- 1:25PMMM122
PSYCH-1-M5425035425General Psychology3.0S SilerTTH11:00AM-12:25PMMM112
PSYCH-33-M5426035426Personal Growth & Adjustment3.0S SilerT 6:00PM- 9:10PMMM112
SPCH-1-M5440035440Public Speaking3.0L Hee-ChorleyTTH 4:30PM- 5:55PMMM112