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Residence Halls

Residential Living

Activities and Programs

Residential Assistants, as well as the students who volunteer to serve on the Residence Hall Association, give their time and work hard to make life in the halls an experience beyond "just going to school." Examples of the kinds of things that this group has planned for residents in the past include Board Game nights, Karaoke, sidewalk chalk drawing, tie-dying, Origami, BBQs, and Saturday movie nights.

The Opportunity to be Part of a Diverse Community

Because residents often transfer to other colleges, each year the community's make-up and personality is a little different from the year before. But there's one thing that doesn't change: the residents are sure to come from diverse backgrounds and experiences (and many of them will come from far away places, as well). It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn to live with a group of people who may be somewhat different from one another, but who are bound together by the common goal of bettering their lives by completing a college degree.

Academic Standards, Support and Encouragement

Since College of the Redwoods is committed to high standards and to student success, students who wish to live in the residence halls are required to have a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale). If students are coming to the college directly from high school, the high school GPA will be used; for students who have previously attended college, the transfer GPA will be used. Students must also carry a minimum of 12 units while living in the halls, and their grades may not drop below a 2.0 for the duration of the contract. Students who start the semester with 12 units but drop below that threshold during the term will be required to meet with the Director, who may refer them an academic advisor, assign community service, place them on probation, or remove them from the halls, depending on the circumstances.

The "Study Hall"
Do you think your classes will be hard this year?

Would you like to live with other residents who are focusing on challenging classes or those who have unusually heavy class loads?

Would you like to live on a really quiet floor?

If so, then this option might be a good one for you. The "Study Hall" is one floor in the residence halls designed to house people who--for a variety of different reasons--want to live in a space that is quieter and more conducive to studying and scholastic achievement than other floors may be. It has been our experience that the students who choose to live in "the Study Hall" are every bit as involved, active and fun-loving as those who don't; they simply seem to like the idea of living with others who want to do everything they possibly can to achieve their academic goals.

Because space is limited, we will only be able to offer housing in "the Study Hall" to the first 38 people who indicate their interest by returning their signed License Agreement to us. But don't worry - we will do our best to expand to more floors if we have an overwhelming response.


As a resident of the halls, you'll be admitted to all CR sporting events for free, and--as noted above--you'll have special access to the field house and weight room on a regular basis. But did we mention that you'll have no more than a 5-minute walk to all your classes and that all academic support services are within about the same distance from your door? 

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