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Institutional Research


Mission Statement

The primary focus of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness is to facilitate the iterative progress of our institution’s overall effectiveness and impact through strategic assessment and continuous improvement. We work collaboratively to analyze data and gather insights that inform evidence-based decision-making for improving programs, key processes, and outcomes. Our purpose extends to the unique needs of community college students, fostering a culture of accessibility, inclusivity, and student success. We strive to ensure that the institution optimizes resources efficiently, aligning our programs with the demands of our community. Ultimately, our mission is to contribute to the institution’s long-term success, responsiveness to external demands, and positive impact on the broader community.

In parallel, Institutional Research plays a crucial role in gathering, analyzing and communicating data to inform evidence-based decision-making. Our purpose is to conduct rigorous research that provides valuable insights into student outcomes, program effectiveness, and institutional trends. By collaborating with faculty, staff, and external stakeholders, we aim to generate knowledge that enhances the strategic planning and resource allocation processes. Through this commitment to an innovative working environment, we contribute to the informed development and implementation of policies and initiatives that align with the college's mission and goals.

  2023 College of the Redwoods