Administrative Staff

Name Title Email Phone
Bob Brown Director of Kinesiology/Health/PE/Athletics athletics@redwoods.edu 707-476-4239
Rebecca Gwin Administrative Secretary   707-476-4213
Nate Kees Head Athletic Trainer   707-476-4399
Tino Romero Athletic Programs Coordinator   707-476-4512


Faculty / Coaching Staff

Name Title Email Phone
Ryan Bisio Head Men's Basketball Coach Mens-Basketball@Redwoods.edu 707-476-4571
Jain Tuey Head Women's Basketball Coach Womens-Basketball@Redwoods.edu 707-476-4245
Andrew Aiello Head Baseball Coach Baseball@Redwoods.edu 707-476-4588
Maggie White PE/KINS Instructor / Cap & Gown Lead Faculty   707-476-4246
Kayla Costello  Head Women's Volleyball Coach Volleyball@Redwoods.edu 707-476-4241
Reed Elmore Head M & W Track & Cross Country Coach Track@Redwoods.edu 707-476-4597
Kyle Van Dyke Head Men's Soccer Coach Mens-Soccer@Redwoods.edu 707-476-4530
Taylor McMillin  Head Women's Soccer Coach Womens-Soccer@Redwoods.edu 707-476-4530
Marla Gleave Lead Faculty Kinesiology Health & PE   707-476-4249
Michele Schneider Assistant Athletic Trainer   707-476-4399
Megan Valente Head Softball Coach Softball@Redwoods.edu 707-476-4249
Jason Maki Head Women's Tennis Coach Womens-Tennis@Redwoods.edu 707-476-4550
Damaro Wheeler Defensive Coordinator Football Coach   707-476-4115
Jason White Head Football Coach Football@Redwoods.edu 707-476-4535
Brandon Benvenuti Head Wrestling Coach Wrestling@Redwoods.edu 707-476-4592


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