November 11, 2018

Notable Curriculum
The Curriculum Committee recently approved the following notable curriculum:

·         New certificate: California State University General Education (CSU GE Breadth) Certificate of Achievement

This 39 unit certificate, developed by the counseling department, will be awarded to students who complete the CSU-GE pattern--that is, the certificate recognizes the completion of lower-division general education requirements for the CSU. For many majors, students are encouraged to complete the CSU-GE pattern.

·         Revised course: MATH-15 Introduction to Statistics

Furthering the College’s progress towards fully implementing AB 705, the Math Department revised MATH-15 to improve its function within the context of the guided pathways initiative in California Community Colleges. The revision included numerous changes, including a prerequisite that allows for placement into the course based on multiple measures.


Funding Formula Update
This week, I attended the third in a series of webinars hosted by the Chancellor’s Office regarding the new student centered funding formula (SCFF). I learned that the Chancellor’s Office will require colleges to adopt a budget plan that is explicitly aligned to system-wide and local goals that align with the Chancellor’s Vision for Success. These goals must be formally adopted by the college’s governing board. The Chancellor’s Office will, at minimum, be asking for goals related to transfer, degrees/certs, and career indicators.


Related due dates:

·         December 15 - colleges will certify that they have plans in place to develop local goal alignment (certification of future action)

·         May 31 – colleges will provide the goals, proof that their boards have acted on the goals, and proof that they align with the Vision for Success


Chancellor’s Office Vision for Success Goals



Assessment Software Task Force

I remember when CR was placed on "show cause" and was given serious accreditation recommendations related to assessment At the time, we lacked an assessment system, and we lacked resources to purchase one. I am grateful to Paul Chown for working with colleagues to quickly develop a system to get us out of those dark days. The system has served us well for the last 6 years, but with rapidly changing technology and in the face of new assessment-related accreditation recommendations, Paul and I think it is time to look for a new system.


An Assessment Software Task force has been developed to with representatives from faculty (including the current and past Assessment Coordinators), IT, and Institutional Research. The group has held an initial meeting where eLumen’s assessment system was demonstrated. The group will recommend an assessment system to the Academic Senate and the President.



Fast Fact

2015-16 Cohort of CR Students

·         316 students transferred to a CSU or UC institution

·         24 students transferred to a Private College In-State

·         144 students transferred to any Out-of-State Institution


Source: Chancellor’s Office Management Information System, National Student Clearing House

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