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Communication Studies

Communication Studies


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Effective communication consistently ranks among the top skills sought after by employers.

The field of communication covers a wide range of topics and includes courses that enhance understanding and develop skills for transfer preparation, professional development, and personal growth.

Students are introduced to many aspects of communication including public speaking, interpersonal, intercultural, group and mass communication as well as persuasion and argumentation.

Transfer Opportunities

The Associate in Art in Communication Studies for Transfer at College of the Redwoods prepares students to seamlessly pursue a bachelor’s degree at most CSU campuses, and provides students with the foundation needed to prepare them to branch out into an array of upper division or graduate specializations.

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Daniel M. Chick

Daniel M. Chick

"I approach each lesson as an opportunity to uncover the nature of students’ surroundings and of power structures at play. I demonstrate and, in turn, expect engagement that will allow students to uncover these influences in themselves"

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