Michael Dennis, Business

Michael Dennis, Business

B. A. Economics, Stanford University; Ph.D. Economics, UC Berkeley. Visiting Scholar at the National Bureau of Economic Research. Fields of specialization are retirement planning and personal finance.

Categories: Career Education, Business

I was born and raised in Humboldt County and many of my friends from high school attended CR, so I feel like I know where many CR students are coming from. It feels good to help students from the local community achieve their goals.

My favorite part of teaching is that moment when you can see the lightbulb go off as a student sees things from a new perspective. I also love teaching the personal finance course and helping students develop a personal financial plan that gives them a path towards attaining their goals.

I put as much emphasis on developing students' skills of written communication, applied numeracy, and critical thinking as on the business-specific content. If students have strong general purpose skills, they are in a good position to keep learning and growing throughout their lives.

Entrepreneurship and marketing are particular areas of CR's business curriculum. We are lucky to live in a community with a wide variety of resources to help people start and grow their own businesses.

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