We prepare students to work in plant science, animal science, and the agricultural industry. Our “lab” is our Shively sustainable farm and our classes offer hands-on experiences. You will work with animals, get dirty, and drive tractors.

Sustainable Agriculture Farm

The College of the Redwoods' Certified Organic Farm in Shively is here to teach progressive agricultural practices in plant science, animal science, and agribusiness through hands-on learning. During lab hours, just 40 minutes from campus, students work with the sheep, goats and chickens, drive tractors, learn irrigation and pest control techniques and grow produce for farmers markets. For students who wish to spend more time on the farm or in the greenhouse, internships are available through the Cooperative Work Experience program.   

Visit our CR Farm

The school year is a very busy time at the farm, with community events, field trips and family-friendly outings. If you would like to visit, please call ahead at (707) 599-1338 to schedule a day and time.

Employment opportunities include:

  • Agronomist/Crop Technician
  • Agribusiness Operations Manager
  • Agriculture Retail Sales and Service
  • Livestock/Food/Fiber Industry Position
  • Ranch/Farm Owner/Manager
  • Nursery/Greenhouse Manager
  • Farm Equipment Operator

"To be involved in agriculture production you must be an optimist, because in farming next year will always be better."

- Franz Rulofson, Agriculture Faculty