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Last Day to Petition for Fall Graduation

Petitions for Fall 2017 Graduation & Certificates are due October 26th by 4pm.

  • 24 October 2017
  • Author: Clark, Karyn
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 October 26th is the last day to file a Petition for a Fall 2017 Graduation or a Summer 2017 Certificate. The Graduation Petition and Certificate Petition can be found at by clicking the links listed below.  Please be aware, you must meet with an  Academic Advisor and have them sign the Graduation Petition prior to filing it.  All Graduation Petitions received without an Advisor signature will be denied.  Petitions must be received by 4pm on October 26th.  Drop boxes will be checked and emptied at 4pm.  Petitions placed in drop boxes after 4pm will be denied.


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