Administrative Staff

Name Title Phone Email
Joe Hash V.P. of Student Services/Athletics 476-4242 joe-hash@redwoods.edu
Bob Brown Athletic Director 476-4239 bob-brown@redwoods.edu
Matt McCann Athletic Counselor/Advisor 476-4572 matt-mccann@redwoods.edu
Theresa Sisson Administrative Office Assistant 476-4213 theresa-sisson@redwoods.edu
Nate Kees Head Athletic Trainer 476-4399 nate-kees@redwoods.edu
Lisa Martinez Asst. Athletic Trainer 476-4399 lisa-martinez@redwoods.edu
Tino Romero Equipment Manager 476-4512 tino-romero@redwoods.edu


Faculty / Coaching Staff

Name Title Phone Email
Frank Borba Head Football Coach 476-4567 frank-borba@redwoods.edu
Reed Elmore Head M&W X-country/Track 476-4597 reed-elmore@redwoods.edu
Marla Gleave Lead Faculty/Articulation Officer 476-4249 marla-gleave@redwoods.edu
Petra Lorenzi Head Indoor & Beach Volleyball 476-4241 petra-lorenzi@redwoods.edu
Brad Morgan Head Baseball Coach 476-4244 brad-morgan@redwoods.edu
Jain Tuey Head Women’s Basketball Coach 476-4245 jain-tuey@redwoods.edu
Maggie White Head Softball Coach 476-4246 maggie-white@redwoods.edu
Andrew Aiello Assistant Football Coach 476-4588 andrew-aiello@redwoods.edu
Julio Ayala Head Women’s Soccer Coach 476-4530 julio-ayala@redwoods.edu
Brian Charity Associate Head Football Coach 476-4238 brian-charity@redwoods.edu
Kyle Van Dyke Head Men’s Soccer Coach 476-4530 kyle-vandyke@redwoods.edu
Spencer Ford Assistant Football Coach 476-4592 spencer-ford@redwoods.edu
Darren Turpin Jr. Sports Information/Asst. Women's Basketball 476-4243 darren-turpin@redwoods.edu
Eric Wright Assistant Track/X-country Coach 476-4597 eric-wright@redwoods.edu
Brandon Coborn Assistant Baseball Coach 476-4244 brandon-coborn@redwoods.edu
Eddy Vainuku Assistant Football Coach 476-4592 eddy-vainuku@redwoods.edu
Mike Mazzocco Assistant Football Coach 476-4592 mike-mazzocco@redwoods.edu
Megan Valente Assistant Softball Coach 476-4246 megan-valente@redwoods.edu
Nick Moran Assistant Football Coach 476-4592 nick-moran@redwoods.edu


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