Caylyn Picl

Caylyn Picl

Major: International Studies, From: China

Categories: Student Leaders

My major is International Studies and eventually want to get Masters in teaching credential. I am originally from China not got adopted in an American family. Why I want to participate in this program throughout middle and high school, I was very lonely, didn't know how to reach out to others because I was shy and quiet. Often people would look at me as if I an anti-social or unfriendly. I was always afraid people would judge me. Therefore I hung out by myself. After a friend introduced me the Multi-Cultural center I slowly became more social and able to connect with others. By participating this program. I hope to help other students feel comfortable and connected with others to create a community that allows students to be who they are. At the MCC Multicultural center, people can be who they are, we're a family! I want our community to be a place of family and connections.

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