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Update Following the February 5, 2019 Board of Trustees Meeting

I want to share a brief summary of the February 5, 2019 Board of Trustees Meeting with you in case you were not able to attend in person or view it online.

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The Eureka Campus is Changing Above and Below Ground

Governor Gavin Newsom’s proposed state budget includes funding for College of the Redwoods to construct new Creative Arts and Physical Education/Gymnasium Complexes on the Eureka Campus.  These new projects are in addition to the funding already received from the state to upgrade CR’s utility infrastructure systems (UIR), also on the main campus.

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Two Redwoods' players are on the CCCWBCA Academic All-State Team for 2018-19

Two players from CR's 2018-19 Women’s basketball were included on the Academic All-State Team.

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A CR student was selected as a semifinalist for the Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship

A former CR student was selected as one of the semifinalists for the Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship.

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President/Superintendent's Blog

Update Following the September 5, 2017 Board of Trustees Meeting

General Public Comments
Mr. David Ordoñez, Vice President/Secretary for the Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare District (SHCHD Board and Chair of the SHCHD New Facility Committee, gave public comment on the need for space to build a new hospital. He stated that they’ve looked at every parcel in the Southern Humboldt area and determined that our Garberville Instructional Site is the only available parcel that will fit their needs. An offer to purchase the site will be forthcoming.

Board Member Comments
Trustees Biggin and Mathews shared that they enjoyed the Eureka campus convocation session on Thursday morning. They congratulated those who were involved in organizing the event.

Board Committee Reports
Trustee Rice reported that the Board’s Ad Hoc Committee on Board Policies and Administrative Procedures has completed its work. The BPs and APs requiring revision will be submitted to College Council for constituent group review and comment.

Approve Curriculum Changes
The Trustees approved eighteen dual enrollment courses. Special thanks to Academic Senate Co-Presidents Kerry Mayer and Peter Blakemore and Angelina Hill for their leadership in getting these classes approved so quickly.

Approve Final Budget
Lee Lindsey provided an overview of the information included in the 2017-18 Final Budget. Highlights included the following:
• The revenue budget grew by 4.0% while expenditures are only increased by 3.2%.
• The 2017-18 Final Budget is based on enrollment stability funding for 3966 FTES, up from the 3950 FTES budget from last year.
• The 2% retroactive pay increase for 2016-17 will be covered with a capital fund transfer to the general fund, and the pension cost increase will be covered with the pension reserve.
• Should the Garberville property be sold, the proceeds will be restricted to capital and maintenance projects. High priority capital and maintenance projects include residence hall and student center renovations.
• Increases to the salary budget were driven by an annual step increase costing $435,185 and a 2.0% salary increases costing $344,323, together costing about $780,000 for all employees groups.
• The benefits budget was increased by $281,000 for health and welfare benefits premiums and $262,000 for CalPERS and CalSTRS pension costs. The District set aside $300,000 in 2015-16 to help address rising pension costs, therefore the 2017-18 increase will be covered from that reserve. For health and welfare benefits, medical premiums increased by 5.9%. The District included a 6.0% increase per year in the three year forecast.
• We’re going to continue focusing our attention on solving our structural budget problem. Several actions are planned. As any employee position becomes vacant, the Cabinet will consider whether the position can be reduced or restructured for savings. The District will set a priority of improving course load efficiencies. We will hold each approved employee position request for two months or longer before beginning the search to realize additional temporary savings. Exceptions to this practice will include immediate life safety positions and positions that impact enrolled course sections.
• Included in the Final Budget document was a three budget forecast for 2017-18, 2018-19, and 2019-20.

Recognition of New Employees and Employee Service Awards
The Board recognized those employees who were hired within the last year and those employees who obtained milestone service years . The following employees were hired within the past year:
Wendy Butler—Writing Center, Robin Cardona—EOPS, Sarah Ferretti—Upward Bound, Alison Formica—Science Lab, Jessica Frint—Academic Senate, Tyler Hines—Residential Housing, Michele Holper—DSPS, Lauren Larsen—Enrollment Services, Ruth Jensen—Art
Jennifer Lee—ECE, Na Lee—DSPS, Gloria Lindberg—Community Education, Sherrie Porter—Student Development, Sandra Macias—Public Safety and Business Office, Jamie Sehon—Dental Assisting Program, Ernest Shull—Auto Lab and Maintenance, Meggan Smith—Scholarship Office, Margaret Talcott—Adult Education, Cinnamon Van Horn—Gardening, Steven Walker—Library, John Walsh—Waste Water Maintenance, Leonard Bechlar—Woodshop, Stephanie Burres—Office of the VP of Instruction and Student Development, Cynthia Petrusha—Office of the President, Ericka Barber—Business Office, Anthony Finck—Head Chef, Kristina Marquez—Community and Economic Development, Ashley Mitchell—Café and Food Services, Chad Williams—Upward Bound, Tamara Wolski—Adult Education, Deborah Gerth—English, Levi Gill—Mathematics, Bert Hafer—Construction Technology, Tony Luehrs—Mathematics and STEM, Monica Malt—Nursing, Jon Pace—Mathematics, Corrinne Volta—Nursing.

The following employees received milestone service year awards.
• Five Years of Service: Natalie Barbero, Heidi Bareilles, Johanna Helzer, Marlena Isham, Cheryl Krueger, Bettina Robinson, Janet Susmilch, Eric Tresidder, and Sally Urban
• Ten Years of Service: Chuck Arnold, Lynn Durkee, Patti Nyberg, Rodney Bethune, and Demetrius Williams
• Fifteen Years of Service: Timothy Baker, Peter Blakemore, Erin Wall, Michelle Haggerty, Sheila Hall, Stephen Jackson, Deanna Herrera-Thomas, and Franz Rulofson
• Twenty Years of Service: Robert Brown, Anna Duffy, Janet Humble, Susan Nordlof, Tina Vaughan, Maggie White, and Mark Winter
• Twenty five Years of Service: Steven Brown, Jeff Kelley, and Jesse Wiedel
• Thirty Years of Service: Lorraine Pedrotti

Approve NCCC Board Resolution
The Board approved Julia Morrison’s appointment as the District’s alternate representative on the Northern California Community Colleges Self-Insurance Authority.

President/Superintendent Report
Besides my written comments, I shared with the Board my support for Trustee Emad’s suggestion that we convene a small group of key stakeholders to discuss strategic opportunities that will help us grow enrollment and make sure we remain relevant to our community long into the future. I will work with the Trustee Sally Biggin, Academic Senate Co-Presidents Kerry Mayer and Peter Blakemore, CRFO President Mike Haley, and other constituent groups to identify people to engage in this important and far reaching discussion.

Vice President of Administrative Services Report
Lee updated the Board on a few projects:
• Business Office staff have conducted multiple training sessions this summer on purchase orders, accounts payable, travel, and related issues. Another workshop is being scheduled during the fall term which will also include CalCard processes.
• The UIR project is on hold pending the final report from the California Geological Survey(CGS). The District submitted additional reports as requested, and the District has not been asked to provide any additional information or attend any additional meetings. Now, CGS must provide their approval that the seismic studies are sufficient to allow the project to proceed to the construction phase. The Division of State Architect (DSA) has noted that this is the last item required before DSA can issue their approval. Once DSA green lights the project, the State Public Works Board (SPWB) will add the Utility Infrastructure Replacement and Seismic Strengthening Project (UIR) to their public hearing docket for approval. Then, the State Department of Finance will release funding to the Chancellor’s Office, who in turn will inform the District to proceed with public bid. Since the timely filing deadline for the September SPWB meeting has passed, the earliest possible approval would be their October meeting.

Vice-President of Instruction and Student Development Report
Angelina recognized Lisa Sayles for her work with the Online Teaching and Learning Training (OTLT) over the summer. She also provided a list of the accreditation visiting team members.
The Chair of the team is Scotty Thomason, recently retired Superintendent/President, College of the Siskiyous. The Team Assistant is Dr. Matt Kritscher, Vice President of Student Services, Chabot College.

The Academic Representatives are:
• Dr. Judy Kasabian, Professor of Mathematics at El Camino College
• Dr. Bonnie Suderman, Associate Superintendent/Vice President of Academic Affairs at Antelope Valley College
• Dr. Marie Bruley, Professor of Mathematics at Merced College
• Dr. J. Ramon Tello, Professor of Philosophy, Shasta College
• Dr. Celine Pinet, Dean of Academic Affairs, Curriculum, and Instructional Support, Hartnell College
• Paula Demanett, Librarian, Fresno City College
• Vincent Jackson, Dean of Academic Affairs and Workforce Development, Los Angeles Trade Technical College

The Administrative Representatives are:
• Dr. Madjid Niroumand, Vice President Student Services, Orange Coast College
• Daniel Peck, President, Mission College
• Dr. Edward Karpp, Dean of Research, Planning, and Grants, Glendale Community College
• Mr. Felipe Lopez, Vice President Business Services/Assistant, Superintendent, Cerritos College

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