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Update Following the January 8, 2019 Board of Trustees Meeting

Here's a brief summary of the January 8, 2019 regular meeting of the Board of Trustees.

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Update Following the January 19, 2019 Board of Trustees Workshop

I want to share a brief summary of the the Board's January 19, 2019 workshop.

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The Accredidation Visiting Team Was Here!

The Accreditation Visiting Team spent time on the Eureka, Del Norte, and Klamath-Trinity campus's from October 9-12, evaluating our compliance to the Accredidation Standards and Eligibilty Requirements. Speaking from experience of serving on several accredidation teams, I know how much work the Team members put into the evaluation process--meeting with several individuals and groups, analyzing evidentiary documents, and writing up their findings. It's hard, but very important work. I want to thank the Visiting Team members for coming to the District and leveraging their considerable knowledge and experience to the process: Team Chair Scotty Thomason, Team Assistant Dr. Matthew Kritscher, and Team Members: Dr. Marie Bruley; Paula Demanett; Vincent Jackson; Dr. Edward Karpp; Dr. Judy Kasabian; Felipe Lopez; Dr. Madjid Niroumand; Dr. Daniel Peck; Dr. Celine Pinet; Dr. Bonnie Suderman; and Dr. J. Ramon Tello.  We couldn't have asked for a better group of colleagues to evaluate us!

Everyone at the College did a terrific job using the accreditation process as an opportunity to look at what we're doing well and to self-identify areas we need to improve. I can honestly say that we are not the same college that we were just a few years ago--we're so much better!  

Prior to leaving the Eureka campus on the 12th the Team took the time to commend us for our work on the Basic Skills Transformation and the Cap and Gown programs; the early alert system; the excellent maintenance of the District’s buildings; the broad and comprehensive professional development program; the Native American Basket Collection; the Committee Handbook; the CR Digest; and the Institutional Effectiveness Summit. The Team also recognized the CR/Hoopa Tribe partnership and the work our Klamath-Trinity colleagues have done to increase student retention and success.

We expect to receive the Final Evaluation Report and the Commission’s decision sometime in January 2018.  I know that everyone at the College will work hard and in complete transparency and good faith to address the areas of improvement the Commission identifies.

I want to thank Angelina Hill and Stephanie Burres for all they did to make sure that the visit went smoothly and the Visiting Team was comfortable and had everythiing they needed to do their work. Stephanie is a logistic expert now!

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