Upward Bound


Making college dreams a reality since 1988

Join our FREE* College Prep Program!

  • Earn school credit and live like a college student for 5-6 weeks during our summer camp.
  • Go on college tours, attend leadership conferences,  receive mentoring...
  • Get help with college/career planning.
  • Get help with paying for college. Also, become eligible for the Dell Scholars Scholarship.
  • Get FREE tutoring at your school.
  • Receive stipends for your full-time participation in Redwoods Upward Bound during the school year and summer.


Are you Upward Bound?


To be eligible, you must be:

  • Enrolled in 8th -12th grades;
  • Attending, or will attend a high school we serve.
  • Willing to attempt a rigorous high school curriculum.
  • Interested in college or career technical education.
  • Income eligible** and/or first generation**.

Contact us for an application and interview at one of the high schools we serve.


About Upward Bound


Upward Bound is a Federal TRiO Program funded by the U.S. Department of Education through competitive grants. College of the Redwoods has hosted an Upward Bound Program since 1988. At present, there are 951 Upward Bound projects in the United States and U.S. unincorporated territories.

Upward Bound provides fundamental support to participants in their preparation for college entrance. The program provides opportunities for participants to succeed in their precollege performance and ultimately in their higher education pursuits. Upward Bound serves high school students from: income eligible families and families in which neither parent holds a bachelor's degree. The goal of Upward Bound is to increase the rate at which participants complete secondary education and enroll in and graduate from institutions of postsecondary education.

*There are no fees of any kind for Upward Bound participants nor their families. All costs are paid out of a grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

** Federal TRiO guidelines used to determine income eligibility are relatively generous and are based on "Taxable income" and not gross income.

***Neither parent has earned a Bachelors Degree at the time of admission to Upward Bound.

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