Accreditation Evidence - 2021 Midterm Report

Recommendation 2 (Published Materials/Marketing)

Recommendation 2: In order to improve, the team recommends the college review the processes for updating all published materials, including print and online information, to ensure alignment with institutional practices and provide clear and accurate information to students and prospective students. (I.C.1, I.C.2)


Upon receiving this recommendation, the College conducted an audit of all marketing print materials. Through this audit, it was determined that the College’s long-time practice of developing a trifold brochure for all departments and programs was unmanageable in order to attain the goal of print and online information consistency. As a result, the Marketing and Communications area developed a tracking system for all printed materials (R.2.1, R.2.2, R.2.3, R.2.4). Consequently, the College’s older printed materials were retired and replaced by a consolidated line of promotional materials to help ensure a manageable system to guarantee consistency in both online and printed materials. For example, twenty-five of the older trifold career education (CE) brochures were sunsetted and replaced with one single career education booklet and individual materials for each of the CE programs (R.2.5, R.2.6). Other new materials that have been developed include: a district booklet, flyers for each of the associate degrees for transfer, and a “Get Started” brochure that explains things like how to enroll at the college (R.2.7, R.2.8, R.2.9). All of these materials have identical print and online content that was evaluated by faculty and area administrators (R.2.10, R.2.11). In fall 2019, a set of student service brochures was created and checked for consistency with their online counterparts. This student services information is also included in two larger “booklets” (R.2.5, R.2.7, R.2.12).

Additionally, a new content management process was launched in July 2018. The new process calls for respective content clients, primarily area deans and faculty, to review and approve all print and online material that is created or updated for both consistency and accuracy (R.2.13, R.2.14). The College’s departments, programs, and service areas are all required to review, update, and approve all online content on a regular basis (R.2.15). Additionally, when the College webmaster updates online information, there is a process in place to ensure that the content is also updated in all printed materials as well (R.2.16, R.2.17).

In order to make sure that the printed catalog and online information is both accurate and easy to locate, the College purchased the eLumen system for curriculum and catalog management. In fall 2019, all of the curriculum will be entered into the eLumen system and this information will be used to populate the online catalog. This information is reviewed on an annual basis, primarily by area administrators and the course and program information on all of the program webpages is linked directly to the eLumen catalog information (R.2.18).

The College has also endeavored to make it so that the public has easy access to essential information like College policies, degrees and certificates, cost and financial aid, and the College’s mission and vision. The webmaster has placed links to all of these under the “About CR” tab on the College’s homepage. This tab is the most prominent one at the top on the left-hand side of the main page (R.2.19). The College also developed bilingual translations of marketing materials, in order to reach community members whose first language is not English (R.2.20).

Analysis and Evaluation:

The College has created processes for a regular review of print and online published materials to ensure that they are both consistent and that the information is accurate and up to date. The full implementation of eLumen has ensured that course and catalog information is consistent and accurate, and a call is sent out to area administrators to make certain that is the case. Additionally, the College as a whole has taken steps to make website navigation easy, more clear, and accessible to community members served by the College.

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