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Special Enrollment Types

College of the Redwoods is open to any person 18 years of age or older who can benefit from the instructional curriculum of the college. High school graduates and holders of a Certificate of Proficiency or GED are eligible for admission even if they are younger than 18.

Any student who has completed the eighth grade can enroll but must also fill out a Special Admissions Form signed by a parent or legal guardian and his/her high school principal in addition to the Enrollment Application. Concurrently enrolled students are eligible to take college level classes only and are limited to a maximum of 11 units.

Are you a High School student interested in taking classes for college and high school credit in your school? Visit our Dual Enrollment website

International students must follow special procedures outlined in the college catalog and as regulated by their visa status. See International Students.

Transferring into College of the Redwoods from another school in the United States is easy! You may have the following questions about the transfer process to College of the Redwoods. Some questions might be:

Q: How do I transfer my units to College of the Redwoods?
A: To transfer your units to College of the Redwoods, send an official transcript to the International Student Office. Please attach a note that says, "For Transfer Credit".

Q: Will the units all transfer to College of the Redwoods?
A: Once the official transcript is received, an evaluator will determine if the course(s) can be used to meet major and General Education requirements for College of the Redwoods. CR accepts most other regionally accredited U.S. college and university coursework. Check with a counselor to verify or confirm acceptance of your school's coursework. You can also go to to see what UC, CSU or other California Community College courses are accepted as equivalent coursework.

Q: What can I do to help CR determine if my units will transfer?
A: To help CR evaluators determine acceptable transfer units, please keep a copy of your college or university catalog with course descriptions of the courses you completed. You may be asked to provide full course descriptions (syllabus, and/or course outline) for any courses to be considered for credit. The more information you can provide on the course content, the more likely your chances of getting the credit.

Q: Where do I send my transcripts?
A: Send official transcripts to:

College of the Redwoods
Transcript Evaluator
7351 Tompkins Hill Road
Eureka, CA 95501-9300

Q: If I have taken English, ESL, or Math classes from another college, will I still need to take CR's assessment tests?
A: If your transcript shows proof of completing U.S. college English, ESL or Math courses, you may not be required to take CR assessment tests. You can bring your transcript to a counselor with course descriptions, and the counselor will be able to place you into the next highest level course at CR. It is sometimes helpful to take the assessment tests, however, since sometimes waiting on transcripts to arrive may hold up your registration, OR if you do well on a placement test, you may be able to be placed into a higher level course.

College of the Redwoods has made agreements with two Oregon Colleges that allow eligible College of the Redwoods students to attend those Oregon colleges and allow Oregon residents to attend College of the Redwoods at reduced rates. 


Minimum Unit Requirement:

  • Southern Oregon University (SOU) = 60 total semester units 
  • Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) = 60 total semester units for majors that require lower division General Education* 

* For majors that have no acceptable transfer GE, or for highly impacted programs, a student is eligible to attend OIT without completing a minimum number of units at CR. Students are encouraged to contact OIT for information regarding these programs. 

Minimum GPA Requirement:

  • SOU: College of the Redwoods GPA = 2.25 
  • OIT: College of the Redwoods GPA = 2.0 (OR high school GPA if less than 60 units completed) 

Process for Applying

Print and complete the Exchange Program Application, submit the application to the Admissions and Records office at College of the Redwoods 

  • Apply for Oregon institution of your choice: 
  • Send them official copies of your College of the Redwoods transcripts, or your high school transcripts if less than 60 units completed at CR If you have any questions regarding the Oregon Exchange Program please contact: 

Lauren Larsen
Student Services Specialist
Enrollment Services & Financial Aid 
College of the Redwoods 
Ph: (707) 476-4201