Administration of Justice

Basic Police Academy: Costs

The following fees are subject to change.  For more details and exact costs, please call the Law Enforcement Training Center.  P.O.S.T. Student Workbooks must now be ordered on line.

Registration (enrollment) Fee - 32.5 semester units ($46/unit) $1495.00
Health Fee $18.00
Out-of-state Tuition 31 semester units
This fee is for any student who has not resided within the State of California for one year prior to the day of registration and is in addition to registration fee.
($229/unit) $7099.00
Fingerprint Fee $100.00
On-Campus Parking $40.00
POST Student Workbooks  (Order online)
Vehicle and Penal Codes $45.00

Defensive Driving

Driving Simulator

Force Option Simulator Training




Uniforms - including trousers, shirts, shoes, belt, jacket, lettering - (this is for basic quantities and vary according to uniform supplier)

Ammunition (approximate based on supplier)  
Physical Training Clothing  $55.00
APPROXIMATE Total Cost (excluding out-of-state tuition, housing, food, and transportation) $4,000 to $4,500

Registration, Health, Parking and Defensive Driving fees are due at the time of registration. Checks should be payable to College of the Redwoods. Students who are awaiting financial assistance have a 30 day grace period.