Administration of Justice

Public Safety Dispatcher

There are two formats for the Public Safety Dispatcher (AJ-170) Course.  Both courses are a mandated 120 hours long (5 college units) and will prepare you for a career as a dispatcher, a well-paid and in-demand position throughout the State.

  • The "EXTENDED" course is a full semester long, generally offered two nights a week from 6-10 pm.  This format is most desired by people seeking career training so is open to the public

The extended format course is being offered in the Spring of 2015;

Monday and Wednesday nights from 6:05-9:50 pm in AJ108 on the Eureka Main Campus.  Register for the class via WebAdvisor

  • The "INTENSIVE" format is a Monday through Friday, 40 hours per week class for three weeks.  This format is generally utilized by agencies who have hired dispatchers and wish to get them through the training as quickly as possible.  When offered, the class is also open to the public.

PLEASE NOTE:  In order to receive POST certification for completion of this course, students are allowed to miss no more than 5% (6 hours) of the course -- absences beyond that will result in the student NOT receiving a completion certificate.