Academic Support Center

Tutoring Services

Writing Assistance

The Academic Support Center has faculty from a variety of disciplines available to assist students with questions relating to writing assignments and projects including research papers, essays, citations, cover letters for jobs, etc. Beginning March 30, all writing assistance will be conducted remotely. Faculty tutors are available from 9 am - 5 pm Monday through Thursday (and till 6 on Tuesdays!)

You can connect to the writing assistance tutors online or by phone using one of the methods below:

For online assistance:
Click HERE to get writing assistance online from your computer, tablet, or phone. You will be able to talk or chat with the tutor, and your tutor will give you instructions on how to share your writing projects via the chat window.

To connect via phone:
Dial +1 669 900 6833 (US Toll), and when prompted enter the meeting ID: 810-292-122

If the tutor is working with another student, they will hear an alert that you are waiting, and they will help you as soon as they are done with the student ahead of you.  

You may also submit papers in progress for feedback and writing help. You will need to email the paper to us as an attachment in Word, and you must include the assignment and guidelines that your instructor gave to you. 

Email papers to with the subject line "Writing Assistance". Please allow enough time!  Papers submitted Sunday through Wednesday will typically get feedback within 48 hours.

Writing Assistance Schedule Spring 2020

Writing Assistance is also available via email for students at Klamath-Trinty by emailing Laura Lane (

Tutoring for Specific Courses:

PLEASE NOTE: As of March 30, we are still working on details for this area. Please check back!

In addition to the drop-in writing assistance described above, tutors are also available for course-specific tutoring. Peer tutors are current CR students who have been recommended by faculty for their content-area knowledge. Peer tutors have recently completed the courses they are tutoring and have a peer perspective on how to approach learning in their specific disciplines. Peer tutors have also been trained to facilitate learning, and they also integrate a variety of learning and study strategies into their tutoring sessions. Peer tutors may be available by appointment.  

Additional tutoring services are provided by the staff of the Academic Support Center.  These are professional tutors with degrees in their respective disciplines and also have had instructional and tutoring experience. They have been trained to facilitate student learning, and they integrate a variety of learning and study strategies (such as notetaking and test-taking) into their tutoring sessions so that students may be successful in their classes.

Tutoring  Appointments

Tutoring appointments for a variety of subjects may be set up in ½ hour or 1 hour increments. The first tutoring appointment of the semester is typically 1 hour long.  To find out if a tutor is available in the subject you need, or to schedule a tutoring appointment, please call 707-476-4154.
  • Those students interested in ongoing tutoring should first meet with a tutor to discuss the goals of tutoring, the roles and responsibilities of each party, and the terms of ASC tutoring policies.
  • We ask that students sign a tutoring contract if they intend to continue tutorial services. They should also fill out a student intake profile to give tutors an understanding of their study strategies and methods.
  • To check in for a tutoring appointment, learners will need their CR ID card or number.

Remote Learning Math Lab

Students can consult with faculty and tutors via the Remote Learning Math Lab.  This is operated through a combined Math-52 or Math-252 Canvas page.  If you are already enrolled in Math Lab, you can use your existing Canvas Math Lab page.  New students will be able to enter the same Canvas page but must be added by their emailing their math instructors requesting to be added to MATH-252.  For more detailed information such as instructor schedule and Math Lab coordinator contact information, please check out the Math Lab webpage at