Academic Support Center

Tutoring Services

Tutoring Schedule & Appointments

For the Tutoring Schedule, please see Tutoring Schedule

Tutoring appointments may be set up in ½ hour or 1 hour increments. The first tutoring appointment of the semester is typically 1 hour long.

  • Those students interested in ongoing tutoring shoud first meet with a tutor to discuss the goals of tutoring, the roles and responsibilities of each party, and the terms of ASC tutoring policies.
  • We ask that students sign a tutoring contract if they intend to continue tutorial services. They should also fill out a student intake profile to give tutors an understanding of their study strategies and methods.
  • To check in for a tutoring appointment, learners will need their CR ID card or number.


Peer Tutors

Peer tutors are current CR students who have been recommended by faculty for their content-area knowledge. Peer tutors have recently completed the courses they are tutoring and have a peer perspective on how to approach learning in their specific disciplines. Peer tutors have also been trained to facilitate learning, and they also integrate a variety of learning and study strategies into their tutoring sessions. Peer tutors may be available by appointment. Stop by the ASC to check on the availability of student tutors.

ISS and PRMEs Tutors

Instructional Support Specialists (ISSs) and Professional Resource Matter Experts (PRMEs) are professional tutors that have graduate degrees in their respective disciplines and also have had instructional and tutoring experience. PRMEs and ISSs have been trained to facilitate student learning, and they integrate a variety of learning and study strategies (such as notetaking and test-taking) into their tutoring sessions so that students may be successful in their classes. Stop by the ASC to check in the availability of tutoring.

EPIC (Embedded Peer Instructional Cohort)

EPIC is a peer-facilitated modified Supplemental Instruction program at College of the Redwoods. For more information, please see EPIC (Modified Supplemental Instruction)