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Assessment Process

General Education (GE) &
Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

GE Assessment Plan & Schedule

One GE outcome is identified each term to assess. All faculty teaching a course with the outcome to be assessed come together to engage in discussion about the extent to which the outcome is attained in their classes. Outcomes are evaluated using a common three-point scale.

GE assessment reports

Prior to new GE Outcomes, assessment was computed with the participation of a random sample of instructors. Click on an outcome to view the assessment report.

Additional Survey Evidence

Prior to the current assessment plan, a survey of GE attainment was conducted: 2010 GE Assessment Survey Summary and questions

The first annual administration of the Completer survey of graduates also collects student ratings of perceived GE learning outcome attainment.

Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

Institutional Learning Outcomes & Statement of Philosophy

ILO Assessment Plan

The Office of Institutional Research presents data from outcome assessments, institutional surveys, etc. to faculty and staff at these venues. Dialogue about the assessment results is used to determine actions for improvement. The progress of these actions is tracked each cycle.

Assessment Schedule

ILOs are assessed according to the 4 year cycle, with an ILO review dialogue session during the first semester of each new cycle. The current cycle begins fall 2020 and ends Fall 2024.

ILO 1: Academic & Career Technical Objectives

ILO 2: Personal and Professional Development

ILO 3: Community and Global Responsibility

ILO 1-3: Review of all Outcomes


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