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Assessment Process

Assessment Plans, Reports, & Dialogue

For instructional programs, all course learning outcomes and all program outcomes should be assessed in a 3-year cycle.  Course level assessment results and dialogue are used to facilitate program outcome assessment.  Program outcome assessment facilitates program improvement through dialogue and Program Review Plans.  Student Services approach assessment through data collection, dialogue, and planning via Program Review.   Below you will find links to course assessment and program assessment schedules as well as course level and program level assessment reports.  


Course Assessment Plans & Reports

Legacy Course Assessment Reports ( older than 2021-Fall )

Program Assessment Plan & Dialogue

Service Area Assessment Plans



Outcome Maps


Course Learning Outcome to Program Learning Outcome Maps:  
These maps are accessible through eLumen. 

General Education to Course SLO Mapping

Student Services SLO to ILO Map



Older course planning and mapping sheets are available for reference here.


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