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Step One - Apply to the College

Your first communication from College of the Redwoods will be sent to your personal email address. All further notifications from CR will be sent to your CR student email address.  

In order to register for the course you must registerin person or by emailing

Go to the Admissions page hoover over "Transcript Information", click on "Prerequisites and Evaluations", then click on blue link "Transcript Evaluation Request". Complete the form to request an evaluation of your "other college" transcripts and submit as an email attachment to Call the Advising Center at 707.476-4150 for further questions.

This prompt usually means you have not met the pre-requisite for a course you are trying to register for. If you feel you have received this prompt in error, please call the Counseling & Advising Center at 707.476-4150 or email us at:

Contact for more information.

You must reapply to the College if you have taken one or more semesters off.

Academic Dismissal means you have completed three or more semesters with less than a 2.0 grade point average. If you are on Academic Dismissal, you will need to fill out an "Appeal For Reinstatement to Probationary Status" which can be accessed at:

No. Only official transcripts from other colleges/universities will be needed.

No. We do not need them nor do we use them in any way.

Yes. Please see an Academic Advisor to do so.

Yes! Your EAP scores are automatically imported into our database if you passed. If you passed the EAP, you are eligible for:

  • English 1A AND
  • Math 5, 15, 25, 30

If for some reason, you cannot register for the courses above and you think you passed the EAP, please contact Jennifer Bailey at 707.476.4267.

I only want to take one class. Do I have to send my official transcripts?
No. Although, if you would like to sign up for a class with a pre-requisite, an advisor will need a copy of your transcripts in order to verify you have completed the pre requisite with a passing grade which is a C or better.

California State University system (CSU) is the system of higher education in California that grants most bachelor degrees. It is sometimes referred to as the "teaching training" institution. The CSU also grants master degrees. The University Of California (UC) is the research system of public higher education in California. The UC grants professional and doctorate degrees, as well as bachelors and masters degrees. The CSU has more practical, career-oriented approach to education in contrast to more theoretical approach offered by the UC.

Any course numbered between 1 through 99 (History 8, Psychology 33, Math 5, Spanish 99, etc...) are transferable to the CSU system. However, you must refer to the CR college catalog to see which classes are transferable to the UC system.

Generally speaking, the answer is yes. Transferring to a university as an upper division transfer student (entering the university as a junior) is generally the best path and the most cost effective method. For those colleges that do consider lower division transfer students, only students who were eligible to enter the university out of high school (and are in good standings at his/her current institution) will be admitted, and such applicants are a low priority in the admission process. Priority will be given upper division transfer students rather than first time freshmen or those students who have NOT completed the 60 transferable units.

You need to complete at least a minimum of 60 units minimum for admission to a university. You should become familiar with the admission requirements of the UC and CSU systems, and for any private colleges being considered. It is important to meet with a counselor or an advisor to determine the best general education pattern to follow. A great place to begin researching lower division prep for your chosen major is at Additionally, contact the university (and program) for specific requirements.

The time it takes to transfer depends on the number of units completed each term, the level at which you start math and English courses, the admission requirements of the transfer institution and the desired major. Students who can attend full-time (12 or more units per semester), take summer and/or winter session courses, and who place directly into transfer level math and English classes can generally transfer after two years. Most students take longer than two years to meet all of the transfer, general education, and major preparation requirements.

Yes. CR offers a variety of courses to complete general education patterns such as IGETC (Intersegment General Education Transfer Curriculum) which is the preferred GE pattern for those transferring to UC campuses for most majors, and the CSU (California State University) general education pattern. We also offer course that provide preparation for majors at UC, CSU and private colleges ? see for major articulation between CR and UC/CSU colleges.

Degree applicable courses taken at other regionally accredited colleges will be considered for general education, major coursework, or elective credit toward CR degrees. For students planning on an eventual transfer from CR to a university, the important issue is to determine if the desired transfer university will accept the non-CR units. Contacting the university you plan to attend is important.

If you are transferring as a junior, with 60 transferable units, your high school grades, and any college admission tests scores you may have will not be needed. If you are attempting to transfer to a private college or as a lower division transfer (with fewer than 60 transferable units), your high school record and SAT/ACT test scores will likely be required.

  1. If a class is full and there is available room on the waitlist, you can select Add to Waitlist in WebAdvisor when you go to register.
  2. Go to the class on the first day and ask the professor if you can be added to the class.
  3. If the professor allows you to add the class, they can give you the approval to add the class via WebAdvisor.  If they do this, you have 48 hours to login and add yourself into the class.  You can also go to the Admissions Help Window and an employee will move you from the waitlist into the class.  You will not be sent an email telling you to register for the class


*The units/credits for waitlist classes are not factored into your unit/credit count for sports, special programs, or financial aid until you are officially added to the class.  As with all other registration changes, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they are added into the class.

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