Counseling and Advising


Transfer is a process, not an event!

The earlier you begin the process, the more likely the experience will be hassle-free and successful.

To help ensure transfer success, the Transfer Center provides services and resources which help identify, encourage, motivate and facilitate transfer to other colleges and universities.

Services available:

  • Academic Advising
  • Resource Library
  • College Transfer Day
  • Transfer Admissions Agreements
  • Four-year University Representative Visits

The Transfer Center sponsors workshops and programs that are of interest to students planning to transfer to four-year universities. Please contact the Transfer Center for additional information about transfer programs and services.



As you consider your transfer choices, don't exclude Oregon just because you are not a resident there. There are public institutions in Oregon that offer you, as a California resident, an opportunity to attend without paying non-resident tuition. Through the Oregon Exchange Agreement, eligible CR students may transfer to Southern Oregon University in Ashland or Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls and not pay out-of-state tuition. While on this exchange, however, you are precluded from establishing Oregon residency. This preserves your California residency status should you decide to return for additional study in California. This exchange results in substantial tuition cost savings while providing additional transfer options. For additional information about the Oregon Exchange Agreement, contact the CR Admissions Office (476-4200).


The Transfer Center Resource Library assists College of the Redwoods students in making educational decisions. We have several reference books which can help you decide on a major and a four-year university to attend. The Transfer Center has many four-year university catalogs and publications available for checkout. Please stop by the Transfer Center and use these valuable resources. The Transfer Center is located in the new Student Services Building room SS-102. Our office hours are: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Checkout the websites of the universities that you are interested in for application deadlines and information.


-Interested in transferring to a California State University? For more information about all of the California State University campuses, log on to You may take a virtual tour of any CSU campus by clicking on 'Explore Campuses'. You may also apply online for admission to the CSU campuses using

-If you are interested in finding out about California's independent colleges and universities, log on to www.aiccu.eduThis website provides information about California's independent colleges and universities with links to member campuses.

-If you are planning to transfer from a community college to a University of California or California State University campus, you might want to checkout ASSIST at ASSIST is the statewide articulation system. ASSIST can help you determine if the community college courses you have taken will be accepted at the university for credit.

-If you are planning to transfer to one of the University of California campuses, check out the website. This website offers information about transfer eligibility, IGETC, general education and university requirements, and is arranged to guide transfer students from choosing a major to applying to the university.