Redwoods Room & Board Scholarship Fund Redwoods Room & Board Scholarship Fund

Redwoods Room & Board Scholarship Fund

“We have students living in cars, moving from sofa to sofa, camping in the redwoods behind the College.”


"My father didn’t graduate from high school and used to say ‘don’t be like me’….  And I know if I drop out of school and work full time, I will just keep struggling.  I will never get ahead."

- Martha, College of the Redwoods Student

Tammy's Story

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CR is Battling Housing and Food Insecurity

  • A Food Pantry was established on the Eureka Main Campus.
  • Food Pantries at the Crescent City and Hoopa campuses are planned for 2019.
  • A Housing Liaison was hired to help our students find housing.
  • Gym showers and washers & dryers were opened to our students facing housing insecurity.
  • We provide health services and emotional / mental health counseling for our students.
  • There are various forms of financial aid to provide free or reduced tuition.
  • Student support services help cover fees, book costs, bus vouchers for transportation, and loaner laptops.
  • And now we have the new Redwoods Room & Board Scholarship Fund.


"The Redwoods Room & Board Scholarship will change the homelessness narrative in our community and at College of the Redwoods."

- Keith Snow-Flamer, President/Superintendent of College of the Redwoods

How the Redwoods Scholarship Works

Criteria for Qualifying

In order to qualify for this scholarship a student must:

  • Be currently enrolled as a CR student.
  • Student must be currently homeless or experiencing ongoing housing insecurity. Preference will be given to College of the Redwoods students who have been verified homeless through the CR’s Financial Aid Office.
  • Submit the online CR scholarship application.
  • Have a minimum of 2.0 GPA.
  • Be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units.
  • Have a completed CR Residence Hall Application on file.
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Have a comprehensive Student Education Plan (SEP) on file.
  • Complete the Wisconsin Hope Lab Survey during the semester.
  • Award is not transferable to another college.

Upon successful academic completion of a semester and housing status review, a student may apply for the following semester’s Redwoods Room & Board Scholarship.