Sexual Health Literacy


College of the Redwoods offers a variety of sexual assault prevention programs through the Student Health Center, Counseling and Housing that address assaults including rape, acquaintance rape, forcible and non-forcible sex offenses and stalking. Additionally, the North Coast Rape Crisis Team should be contacted at (707) 445-2881 if the individual prefers counseling from an off campus source. 
In the event that a sexual assault takes place on campus, Campus Public Services/Security recommends that the following procedures be followed:

  1. Campus Security at extension 4111 should be contacted immediately. All campus Public Safety Officers are Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s), and as such will provide advice on procedures and notifications
  2. Those assaulted should not bathe or shower until after they are seen at an emergency room or by a physician. This is critical to preserving DNA evidence.
  3. Those assaulted may decide to have the assault investigated by the local law enforcement agency (the Humboldt County Sheriff if the assault takes place on campus). The Public Safety Officer on duty, or any other college employee involved at the time the report is made, will assist the student in contacting the appropriate agencies for law enforcement response and/or counseling.
  4. To facilitate the assailant’s arrest and prosecution, it is important to provide all known information regarding the assault to the law enforcement officer or Public Safety Officer responding, including the name or description of the person responsible, the location of the assault, the circumstances involved and any other details requested.
  5. Students involved in a sexual assault case may request a change in their classroom and/or living situations on campus; the college will accommodate such requests when it is determined that it is feasible and reasonable to do so.
  6. Be aware that all parties involved in sexual assault cases are entitled to have others present during a disciplinary proceeding. The parties will be kept informed of the college’s final determination with respect to the sex offense, including any sanction that is imposed against the accused

CR administrative sanctions:
In all situations, a student shall be informed of the nature of the charges against him or her and shall be given a fair opportunity to refute them. Arbitrary actions shall not be taken by the College, and there are conditions under which decisions may be appealed. Disciplinary action may result in the application of the following sanctions:

  • Warning
  • Suspension
  • Reprimand
  • Disciplinary probation
  • Summary suspension
  • Expulsion

This page fulfills AB 1088 requirements.

It is the policy of College of the Redwoods not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, age, or sexual orientation in its educational programs and its employment practices. Read Full Policy Here

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