Financial Aid



What are the next steps after completing the Financial Aid Application?


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In addition to the FAFSA application, you may be required to submit additional documentation at various points in the process before your eligibility is determined.  Continue to check your student email account for any additional requirements. After College of the Redwoods has received all documentation, determining your eligibility can take between 4 and 6 weeks.


Watch your student email for updates and use WebAdvisor to keep track of which documents have been received and which are missing. View more information on checking your status.



After you register for classes, watch for an information packet from BankMobile in your mailbox (in a bright green envelope). Go online to choose the disbursement refund method that you prefer.


When your award eligibility is determined approximately 4-6 weeks after we receive all of your documentation, you will be able to see the award on WebAdvisor under ‘Financial Aid Award Letter’.


An email notice will be sent to your student email account to let you know when your award letter has been updated. View more information on checking your status.



Many awards/services require additional applications after completing the FAFSA/Dream Act application.

Consider submitting applications for scholarships, work study, loans, or other special awards.

Review the Types of Aid page for more information about the awards offered to CR students.


Once you have an award listed on your award letter, there may be additional requirements before your aid can pay into your student account (particularly if you are not meeting the Satisfactory Academic Requirements or if you are not enrolled as a full time student). View more information on how to maintain eligibility for financial aid.  Contact our office if you have any questions.


An email notice will be sent to your student email account at the end of every semester to let you know if you are meeting the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements. View more information on checking your status.


Make sure your refund preference has been chosen and that your contact/profile information is up to date on the BankMobile website.  Sign up for text messages from BankMobile to let you know when a refund/disbursement has been received. Review FA Disbursement Information to learn more about how the financial aid disbursement refund process (how you receive your financial aid).

*To view our institution's contract with BankMobile, a Division of Customer Bank, click here.*