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Update Following the October 2, 2018 Board of Trustees Meeting

The October Board meeting was held at our Klamath-Trinity site. Here's a brief summary of the meeting.

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Our Faculty are Wonderful Ambassadors for the College

Our faculty continue to make wonderful connections with our communities.

Decrease in our Loan Default Rates: Thanks to Joy Bessette, Morgan Thompson and Rianne Connor

I am extremely happy to report that our cohort loan default rates are continuing to decrease.  The 3-year default rate in 2010 was 29.9, in 2011 was 24.7, in 2012 was 23.8, and 2013 was 22.7.  The draft cohort default rate for 2014 is 13.8.

We have the FCMAT Study Results

We asked the Fiscal Crises and Management Assistant Team, also known as FCMAT, to come in to review and provide guidance on our general fund budget and multi-year financial planning for the current and two subsequent fiscal years.  Another part of the engagement was for them to conduct a Fiscal Health Risk Analysis  and give us an overview of the fiscal condition of the District.

Congratulations to Lisa Sayles and Reno Giovannetti!

Lisa Sayles and Reno Giovannetti are rock stars! They are going to present at the 2017 Online Teaching Conference this summer.

Importance of the Academic Senate in Governance At CR

The Academic Senate is the body empowered by law to have its say on all matters touching on what CR academics do, and what we need to do in the future if CR is to thrive.  As such, it is critically important that the faculty remain fully engaged and remain steadfast in their commitment to make our institution better for our students and community.