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Adaptive PE (Eureka Campus Only)

Adaptive PE courses provide education to meet the lifestyle fitness needs for students with disabilities, in a weight room environment. This class is also appropriate for those students without a disability but who do not feel confident in a regular physical education class. Equipment is provided to train students in the use of cardiovascular, resistive, strengthening, and flexibility exercises. An individual student contract is prepared based on medical verification of disability and baseline assessment.

Adaptive PE Classes

PE 90 - Adaptive Resistive Training

A comprehensive fitness course designed for students with disabilities. This class is in a weight room setting with access to adaptive equipment. Individual and group instruction will be provided. Areas to be covered include, lifetime fitness programs, flexibility-range of motion, cardiovascular conditioning, general strength training. An individual goal for each student will be closely monitored by the instructor with the use of a pre and post semester physical assessment.

PE 98 - Adaptive Physical Education

A comprehensive fitness course designed for students with disabilities. This is an activity course which allows for late entry and access to adaptive physical education programs numbered 90-99. Contractual goals will be set between instructor and student. The major components for this activity lab may include but not limited to: resistive water exercise, cardiovascular conditioning, aqua jogger/lap swimming instruction, flexibility-range of motion, lifetime fitness programs, and general strength training. Students can select either a pool setting or a resistive setting.

* The pool portion of the class is currently not available.

PE 302 - Adaptive Conditioning

A course designed to enable the student with disabilities to become independent and aware of his/her individual abilities through appropriate resistive and weight training activities.

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