Disability Services and Programs for Students

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Services and Educational Assistance Courses

For what services could I be eligible?

At College of the Redwoods, students who have professionally verified disabilities are eligible to receive educational support services and courses as defined in Title V of the California Education Code. Students desiring accommodations and/or services must request them from the DSP&S Specialist, in a timely a manner. Services may include:

DSPS Services

  • Advising
  • Alternate Format of Printed Materials
  • Assistive Computers and Related Equipment
  • Closed-Circuit Television (enlarges printed material for viewing)
  • Liaison and referral to resources on and off campus
  • Medical Parking
  • On-Campus Transportation
  • Priority Registration
  • Readers/Scribes
  • Sign Language Interpreters
  • Tape Recorders
  • Testing Accommodations

DSPS Education Assistance Courses

  • Adaptive Physical Education (Eureka Campus only)
  • Applied Study Skills and Strategies
  • Assistive Technology and Computers
  • Introduction to Assistive Technology and Computers (Eureka Campus only)
  • Learning Disabilities Assessment

*Note: Programs, services and special class availability may vary at each of the College of the Redwoods campus locations.

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