Disability Services and Programs for Students

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Apply to DSPS at CR

How do I receive DSPS services?

Apply for DSPS services:

  1. Enroll at College of the Redwoods
  2. Following your confirmation of enrollment, gather the following documents:
    • DSPS Application - Completed and signed
    • DSPS Release of Information - Completed and signed
    • Verification of Disability
      • DSPS Disability Verification Form - Completed and signed by an appropriate professional (this may be a physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, or audiologist depending on the disability type) 
      • Include copies of any recent IEP, Psychological/Educational reports, Department of Rehabilitation documents, or Veteran Affairs documents that may by applicable
    • If transitioning from high school, please review the K-12 Transition Chart 
  3. Return all signed and completed documents to the DSPS Office of the campus you will be attending.  We will process the paperwork and you will be notified of eligibility.

If Eligible

  1. Call and make an appointment with a counselor/advisor
  2. Before you come for your first appointment:
    • Review the DSPS Online Orientation 
    • Complete the Orientation Questions and email them to Cheryl Krueger or bring them to your first appointment.
    • Review the Service Policy form and bring it to the appointment
    • At the appointment (on the campus you will be attending) you will communicate with the DSPS specialist about service and accommodation options.  You will also sign the appropriate forms needed 

If you have not heard from us in 2 to 3 weeks, please call the DSPS office you applied at to check on the status of your application