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Apply to DSPS at College of the Redwoods

How do I receive DSPS services?

  1. Enroll at College of the Redwoods
  2. Following your confirmation of enrollment, gather the following documents:
  3. Review the DSPS Online Orientation
  4. Voter Preference Form- the State of California has designated California Community College offices for students with disabilities a “Voter Registration Agency”. Please complete the Voter Preference Form and submit with the application packet. We have voter registration forms and can assist you if needed.
  5. Return all signed and completed documents to the DSPS Office of the campus you will be attending or send to the email on the left of this page. 
  6. We will process the paperwork and you will be notified of eligibility via student email and then you may call and make an intake appointment with an advisor or counselor.
    • During your intake appointment you will communicate with the DSPS specialist about service and accommodation options.

If you have not heard from DSPS within 10 working days, please call the DSPS office on your campus and ask to check on the status of your application.

High School Students Transitioning to College of the Redwoods:

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